AGM Brief

At our recent AGM the main points of discussion surrounded our teams for the upcoming year and their viability, our executive election date, and our fees. Regarding teams we will have an Initiation, Bantam, and shared Midget team, as well as Pond Hockey again. We also intend to organize skating lessons again. Going forward our executive elections will be held at the AGM, not at the banquet since we haven’t had a banquet for a couple years. Regarding fees, due to increased ice costs we decided upon the following fees for the upcoming year

Pond Hockey – $200
Initiation – $350, $175 for first registrations
Novice – $400
Atom – $400
Peewee – $450
Bantam – $500
Midget – $550

Keep in mind our Initiation Fee is still $10 less than it historically was and we plan to give more ice time than in the past as well.

For those of you with players in the Novice, Atom and Peewee age divisions, Foremost (Shaune Harty 403-952-0582), Raymond (Jesse Depew 403-915-2051), Coaldale (Shawn Hass 403-393-6215), and Taber (Justin Fletcher 403-894-1122) are all accepting out of town registrations.